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  • We now have our very own line of Nicaraguan fairtrade & organic coffee, Nomadic State of Grind!  Drop us a line if you would like to add a bag to your order or pop by the booth at one of the festivals we're hitting up this summer!


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  • Our newest stylish design, "The Jester" is now available in Canada, check  'em out!


  • Some exciting new products coming for 2018, stay tuned!



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We are always on the lookout for Canadian retailers/vendors with a similar outlook on life. Please contact us  ( more information on carrying our products in your store, whether it be downtown or run out of hut on the beach.

Our Story...

    We here at Nomadz are a group of free-spirited people who believe in a lifestyle of travelling the world and experiencing the most you can out of life.  We’re all about the good times while respecting the earth and the people who roam it.  The company started as a result of our travelling background and one trip in particular to one of the best festivals on the planet, Bonnaroo, and meeting up with people from a like-minded company selling hand-crafted sandals.  After a few chats with the head nomad, Chris, at Nomadic State of Mind, the company started to take shape.


    We were inspired by the project Chris had on the go in Nicaragua.  While travelling in Central America, Chris came across a village where a coffee plantation had closed down and taught the former workers how to make Nomadic State of Mind’s rope sandals. The sandals, previously made in the US, are now all handcrafted in this village.  Nomadz is the official distributor for Nomadic State of Mind in Canada, hitting festivals across Canada, selling online, and supplying retailers with our products. As we expand, we hope to be able to employ more people in the village in Nicaragua while promoting fair trade ethics.


    We may not always be around at the home base here in Ottawa, but we make sure that there is someone holding down the fort and supplying you with our wares.  We try to get out there as much as possible to dive, snowboard, surf, trek, lounge on exotic beaches, chill with other like-minded people, and experience life.  That’s why we have decided to bring you a line of products that make you want to get on the move and sooth your sole, without breaking your adventure budget.


    Dan Beardsley officially started the company in September 2007 and is constantly looking for ways to improve and expand.  So, your input on what you see is welcome, whether it’s ideas for products or simply to chat about an awesome spot that you found on your adventure.  Be sure to pop back to our Web site from time to time to check out new additions to our line from around the world.



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Stretching across the globe, our rope sandals can be used in any environmental condition: mud, sand, water, and the dry world. Our sandals are hand crafted out of rope with your comfort in mind. Designed and developed for the one who loves to be free! If you like comfort, try our sandals -- you won't be let down!!


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